Major Application Update - Released in Alpha status

A major redevelopment of Market VuePoint has been undertaken and has been released in Alpha status. We want to let you give it a serious road test before we switch it live, and so we're opening it up to users to test drive.

This updated version has been extensively re-modelled to offer enhanced performance with greater flexibility and interactivity. The new user interface is customisable and configurable to enable quick and simple navigation around the key parts of the software, making the system easier and more intuitive for the user.

To access the new site, you simply need to go to and log in as normal. Remember, it's in alpha so expect bugs and some missing content, but we value your feedback as we fine-tune and prepare for it to replace our current design entirely. If you do encounter any missing displays or tables that you need access to, please let us know so that we can prioritise their conversion.

Screen shot of MV AlphaScreen shot of MV Alpha

Market VuePoint Decision Support Suite - Test Environment

The MV Decision Support Suite has been the market leader in UK Energy Trading decision support since the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA), now British Electricity Trading and Transmission Arrangements (BETTA), went live in March 2001. It is a mature, proven product offering exceptional flexibility in both its functionality and implementation options.

The core product provides facilities for the storage, real time analysis and monitoring of UK power and gas market data from BMRA, APX, N2EX, LEBA and National Grid Gas sources, using the High Grade Link and live data capturing software. It features as standard a set of displays and rules giving users a comprehensive view of the real-time operation of the Uk Power and Gas markets. All rules and displays are user configurable so that, for example, particular market segments or specific thresholds can be monitored. The core product also provides a tool to enable users to create their own dashboard desktops and portfolios to enable focused monitoring of the market within their area of interest. These are all set at user or group levels to provide enhanced flexibility.

The Components

Market VuePoint Live (MVL)

The MVL provides real-time decision support from information provided by the BMRA, APX and N2EX, LEBA and National Grid Gas services. It uses a powerful rule engine to alert users to the occurrence of certain UK energy and gas market conditions or trends that indicate trading opportunities or threats. As delivered, it also provides a number of displays showing a real time visual representation of the current operation of the UK power and gas market trading. In addition, up-to-the-minute UK energy market data can be posted into Microsoft Excel 'reports' enabling further in-depth market analysis of the current trading environment. Access can also be achieved through customised auto refreshing Excel workbooks allowing users to interact with the data using an application that they know and are comfortable to use to further manipulate the data if required.

Market VuePoint History (MVH)

The MVH environment holds historical uk energy and gas market data (BMRA, APX, N2EX, LEBA and UK Gas) and BMRA settlement data (S0142). As standard, MVH provides all the displays and reports of the Real Time System, but enhanced to allow users to select the period and range of dates to be displayed. In addition more analytical trending type displays and market analysis reports are available. MVH also has an open database schema allowing the use of third party reporting tools, further enhancing the ability to retrieve and compare data in a format that suits the user's needs. Such market analyses enable traders and analysts to evaluate past trends in the market and predict future trends. In addition access is provided via Excel and an API.


MV 4v2.1 Released - LH6

12-Feb-2015 The release of Market Vuepoint 4v2.1 adds the REMIT Message log to the home page.